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With a purpose

Let me pose you a question. Do you ever stop to think about the food you eat or the things you wear? Have you ever asked yourself “what’s in this” or “how is this made”? As a consumer, there are an abundance of options at various levels of quality and price.

When it comes to jewelry, the two main categories are Fine and Fashion Jewelry. Fine jewelry can be very expensive and made using materials which are not fair trade. The same can be said for most types of Fashion Jewelry as they use materials which are unethically sourced and produced. Let me be clear, there are many varieties of jewelry in the marketplace which might look nice on the surface. But I ask you, dig a little deeper. The quality of the product and the ethics of how they are made are typically not transparent and you as the consumer should have the ability to make an informed decision. The materials that are used in today’s Fashion jewelry are mostly plastic and lack any sense of true quality.

Conversely, tagua jewelry from Perfectoh combines high quality, sustainable jewelry at an affordable price point. All of our products are made from organic materials and are Fair Trade. If you buy jewelry from Perfectoh, you will not only be purchasing something that comes from the ground, you will also be helping to grow the local economies of Ecuador and help the people live a better life.